Remove That Unwanted Tattoo Naturally

Tattoo Removal

March 24, 2014 – Get Rid Tattoo introduces a step-by-step permanent tattoo removal system, which consists of natural products, techniques and remedies recommended by dermatologists. The system removes any tattoo type in about four months either it’s old, new, dark or light colored. You can learn more about tattoo removal at .

Most tattoo removal creams contain five percent of Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) – a corrosive chemical that irritates the skin. Instead of removing the tattoo, it damages the sensitive layer of the skin causing hypopigmentation or the loss of color.

Unluckily, for those who have experienced hypopigmentation, they need long clothing to conceal the damaged and scarring part. They lost their confidence and they couldn’t take their shirt off while sunbathing on a beautiful Sunday morning.

“I wish I had started using Get Rid Tattoo years ago. All those hot summers in long sleeve shirts. Thanks to Get Rid Tattoo, my tattoo faded almost completely, I can wear short sleeves now!” – David Miller, Fremont, CA

No only that, embarrassing tattoos look unprofessional when applying for a job. The job interview gets awkward once the manager starts asking questions about it so it’s smart to remove tattoos without pain.

Things will change with Get Rid Tattoo. It is scientifically-proven that it removes a tattoo in sixteen weeks without undergoing a series of consultations and painful procedures. Get Rid Tattoo results to a soft and healthy skin after regular application unlike laser procedures that guarantee no clear results especially when it’s an old dark tattoo. A session of laser procedure is expensive too.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Get Rid Tattoo is no marketing hype. Not only that dermatologists recommend it, the package offers a special discounted rate to selected individuals. There’s an unconditional sixty-day money back guarantee; therefore, there’s no room for regrets and frustration after the purchase.

“I have a very sensitive skin. Have to be careful with whatever I put on my skin. I came to know about your natural tattoo removal through one of my friend who visited you before. Well, finally I am getting rid of that ridiculous mickey mouse tattoo and absolutely NO skin irritation!!” – Jacquelyn Roberts, Daytona Beach, FL

The creative mind behind Get Rid Tattoo values information. Information is what makes you a person successful. For this, three health books valued at $125 are given for free.


Homeowner’s Tip: Clean Basement Means Stable Foundation

The basement has two parts.

The interior basement describes the entire area inside the house. It’s located underground; therefore, it’s usually for laundry, storage and sometimes, if the budget permits, it becomes a guest room.

The exterior basement, as the name suggests, describes an area outside your house, below grade. Most of the time, water goes inside the interior basement should the walls are weak. The water pressure may also destroy the floor and starts a leak. Click here for info in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, a flooded and leaky basement means the foundation can no longer protect the house and sooner, you’ll need a team of experts to fix the foundation problems. The interior basement needs to be waterproofed while the exterior needs a thorough cleaning.

Basement Waterproofing is Expensive

A full-scale exterior and interior basement waterproofing will cost around $50,000 (HouseLogic, 2014). Exterior waterproofing needs coating around the surrounding. A sealed drainage system will be installed, which protects the walls from flood and molds.

Ideally, an exterior drainage system uses a perforated plastic pipe to build a curtain or footing drain. A curtain drain refers to a do-it-yourself project that solves minor flooding in the front and back yards. A footing drain requires a professional job. It involves digging, measuring and sealing, which protects the basement from major and minor flood, harmful insects and mildew.

An interior basement waterproofing involves the application of thick coatings to concrete masonry walls, the application of silicate-based concrete sealers to walls without paint, the application of acrylic-waterproofing paint in surfaces and the application of plastic sheets and panels around the sump pump.

Concrete interior waterproofing is the use of a five-gallon bucket that costs around $30 to $40. The bucket is used to cover a 100 sq. ft. wall surface. A gallon of silicate-based sealer costs around $40 to $50. Its application results to a hard waterproofed surface.

Long-term DIY Basement Maintenance Tips

1. Be sure all downspouts are connected properly. A downspout with a short opening should have an extension, which throws out water eight feet or more away from your foundation. Downspouts are connected to gutters; therefore, gutters should be clean regularly – especially after a heavy rain.

2. Proper soil grading around the house makes the water flows away from your foundation. It measures six inches over the first ten feet from your house.

3. Take a moment and look around the basement. If there are signs of dampness and mold, remove it as soon as possible. These molds appear in dark areas on floors, walls and inside the storage boxes. Molds don’t only destroy the basement. It also harms your health.

4. Windows below-grade should have wells. Wells are good drainage; therefore, it protects the windows from insect infestation.

5. Look for pest infestation. If the are signs on the wall, kill it immediately.

6. Make sure air conditioning and heating ducts are in good condition. Ducting is usually not enough; therefore, it’s better if you’ll add insulation to save energy. Expert Tip: An insulated hot water pipes save energy while an insulated cold water pipes reduce sweating.

7. Make sure there are no gaps, no slopes, no insect infection in the support beams and columns. Once you see gaps and cracks, contact an expert.

8. A radon is a gas. When the radon level is too high, your basement becomes an unhealthy environment for the whole family. For this, you’re required to perform a radon test to confirm if its acceptable limit.

* * *

You might not care about your basement but without it, your house doesn’t have the proper support it needs.  If you’re in NJ here’s a video about New Jersey basement waterproofing, or click here directly - .